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Site Selection Options - Negotiated Economic Incentives

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Is the Site Fixed? Multi Location Analysis? These questions and their answers are a starting point to driving the project discussion.

Every client and every situation is different. Some of our clients are in expansion mode and looking for incentives for their next ten to thirty locations. Many of our clients are looking for that single perfect location to launch their business. Half of our clients have settled on a couple of sites to expand their business, the other half of our clients are willig to locate wherever the incentives are strongest and have tremendous flexibility in choosing their location. Whatever your fact pattern or situation, Incentive Advisory Company is here to help.

Our services can and do cover a multi state analysis where applicable. Our multi state analysis can answer the questions you are facing like (1) where is the best place to invest? (2) where is the best location to create jobs (3) what financial impact can I project for budget purposes? We actively manage the "but for" provisions and competitively position your project to maximize benefits between target states and communities.

Our firm has had successes creating tax favorable enterprise zones prior to you investing in a location. Your site is critical to your business success, Incentive Advisory Company is here to maximize your site and maximize your opportunities. Let's explore our next partnership.....

Site Selection Options - Negotiated Economic Incentives

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