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Managing Timing, Announcements, and Ground Breaking

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Open dialogue and consistent communication is essential when managing the timing of a project with mulitple moving parts and intricacies

Timing is everything!!! It sounds cliche, but timing is everything in the business. In a perfect world, our firm has at least 60-90 days to negotiate and secure tax credits and incentives for your company. We have secured some incentives in as little as a week, but this should never be considered a best practice. Our firm has garnered incentives mainly statutory incentives after ground breaking and announcements but this also is not a best practice. Optimal leverage for negotiations occurs when the project ground breaking is 180 - 365 days out. This optimal timing gives our team a chance to research, find, and secure every possible incentive that may be available to your company. Whatever your timing is for your project, we stand at the ready to help maximize benefit and reduce your complication and workload with dedicated professionals for the project. We thrive in high pressure environments when a company comes to us and has a few days or a few weeks to put incentives in place.

Most negotiated incentives need to be secured prior to announcement and groundbreaking. Plan your incentive process around your announcment and ground breaking plans. Our professionals will plan and coordinate your announcement and ground breaking ceremonies with prominent political proponents that are supporting the job growth and investment to strengthen your image and put your in the best possible position in the community.

Managing Timing, Announcements, and Ground Breaking

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