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Who at Corporate Should Lead Tax Credits and Incentives

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

There must be fifty ways to assign a point person who can lead the tax credits and incentives process at corporate. We see a variety of champions that can lead this process from corporate. Many times, we work directly with the CFO, CEO, COO, President, Controller, or plant manager of a corporation to secure these benefits for business growth. Sometimes we work with the legal department or the tax department as we negotiate economic incentives. Companies integrate us to partner with their external commercial real estate representatives or their internal real estate vice president. Our firm sees some instances where a Human Resource representative knowledgeable in hiring plans leads the charge.

Regardless of your company's approach, Incentive Advisory Company is there to maximize your benefits and savings and maintain confidentiality. In most instances, we see a single point person and the only qualification is that the company representative understands the project and can gather information and answer questions while running the point position for their company. At the end of the day, our team may end up working with several departments within your organization (payroll, accounting, legal, tax, real estate, systems, human resources). This is a people business and a relationship business, choose a firm that knows people and how to get the best out of everyone. Partner with Incentive Advisory Company.

Who at Corporate Should Lead Tax Credits and Incentives

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